Amazing Audio products that carry a five year guarantee.

APA Series Adaptive Power Amplifiers,

The APA Series – Adaptive Processing Amplification – are four channel Class D amplifiers with extensive processing, connectivity and control capabilities. The new power and DSP platforms have been designed to interact intelligently and adapt to prevailing conditions, protecting drivers, and significantly enhancing performance from all speaker systems.

GQ600 Dual 30-band graphic.

Dual 30-Band Graphic with high quality long-throw 45mm sliders and excellent noise / distortion performance, with a flat noise figure of better than-98dBm.


DC1048 Integrated Audio, Management

Offering full matrix mixing and a palette of EQ functions to satisfy even the most demanding application, the DC1048 doesn’t compromise your processing, whilst offering a range of installation-friendly features.

DS8000/D Audio Distribution System

The DS8000 is a 2U, 8 input to 32 output mic/line distribution system with 16 transformer balanced isolated outputs, and 16 electronically balanced outputs fitted as standard.

5 Series Dynamic Audio Management

Much more than a sum of its parts, the new DP548 dynamic management takes the features of the 4 Series products and adds the equivalent of four D2 dynamic equalisers across the inputs and four units’ worth of C2 compressors across the outputs (8 individual channels), along with a new matrix mixing mode.

4 Series Audio Management

Based on a completely new processing platform, running at a native sample rate of 96kHz, the 4 Series sets a new standard in terms of performance, flexibility, and ease of use. Combining masses of DSP power with multiple I/O (including digital), the 4 Series provides a range of products that make it easy to configure even the largest and most demanding audio systems.