TC-Helicon is a dedicated group of specialists convinced that the voice is the most beautiful instrument in the world. With a range of innovative products, they inspire, respect and empower modern vocalists.
A Brand Completely Dedicated to Singers

TC-Helicon is the only pro audio company that is 100% dedicated to the performance needs of singers.

Based in Victoria, Canada, the company is known worldwide for its team of musicians and developers who spend every moment of their working lives listening, talking, singing and interacting with singers and those who share the passion for the singing voice.

First Choice of Singers

When it comes to controlling sound in live performance, TC-Helicon products are clearly the singer’s first choice.

From the incredibly user-friendly Mic Mechanic and VoiceLive Play to their intricately conceived VoiceLive Touch, TC-Helicon makes effects work where they count. And that’s not all: their MP 75 microphone allows singers total control over their effects, removing barriers and inspiring creativity.


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