New product from Westone Music Products in the spring

21 January 2016

Hearing is everything to a musician.


Until now, performers have had to choose between a dedicated in-ear monitor mix or and ambient experience. Now, you can hear and feel the energy and input from the audience, fellow performers and the stage – together with the incredible audio clarity, frequency response, and punch that only a Westone In-Ear Musicians’ monitor can provide.


Traditional open-port ambient monitors compromise and degrade the frequency response of an in-ear monitor. This reduction in information is particularly apparent in the low-frequency range. Westone has developed a passive ambient earpiece with no compromise to the frequency response of the monitor signal.


With Westone’s exclusive SLED™ technology, you are in control of your musical environment. Enjoy full-range frequency response from your in-ear monitor mix, hear your surroundings, and engage with fellow performers and your audience like never before.


Westone Labs has re-invented the world of In-Ear Monitoring, yet again!

Made in the USA!


AM Pro Series:

  • Available spring of 2016
  • Available models:
    • Am Pro 10: Single balanced armature driver monitor with passive ambience
    • Am Pro 20: Dual balanced armature driver monitor with passive ambience
    • Am Pro 30: Triple balanced armature driver monitor with passive ambience
    • Quick Specs:
      • True-Fit technology
        • Low profile and ergonomic design allows for all day use with no ear fatigue.
  • Acoustic Symmetry
    • Left and right earpiece responses are matched to an extraordinarily right +/- 3dB tolerance
  • Patent Pending SLED™ technology
    • Allows passive ambient sound with no degradation of your monitor signal
  • Balanced Armature Driver
    • Proprietary design produces the most accurate and detailed sound in the world
  • MMCX Audio™ connection
    • Designed specifically for musicians’ monitors to ensure a reliable connection every time.
    • In the Box:
      • AM Pro universal fir in-ear monitor
      • Epic MMCX Audio connection cable
      • 10 foam and 10 silicone fit kit
      • Impact resistant monitor vault


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